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Orgasm hormonal regulation


Testosterone causes sexual attraction more than any other thing (true for man and woman as well). Testosterone stimulates all aspects of sexuality: sexual fantasies, emotional and physical sexual arousal, orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

For men:

  • Testosterone increases the frequency of erections, and growth hormone increases the duration, hardness, and volume of erections
  • Testosterone is not the main hormone for an erection
  • MSH (the hormone which is stimulating  melanocytes) stimulates erectile function more effectively than testosterone and is even more than such products as Viagra or Cialis

For women:

  • Taking testosterone can also improve orgasm and generally doubles a woman's chances of reaching orgasm during intercourse
  • Dihydrotesterone, another male hormone, is also effective at local application to the clitoris, making the clitoris much more sensitive
  • local application of dihydrotestosterone allows to reach local effects without bringing too much dihydrotestosterone to the rest of the body and thus avoiding increased hair growth or hair loss, typical effects of excess dihydrotestosterone

Be aware of the side effects and make a doctor appointment before making a desicion.

Is it possible to catch a treasured hormone without hormonal replacement therapy? Yes!

  • Fatty acids (yolk, avocado, fat fish)
  • Omega 3 (2-3 gr. per day)
  • Group B vitamins (B6, B12)
  • Minerals (zinc and magnesium)