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Female Sexual Function Index

The FSFI is a brief questionnaire measure of sexual functioning in women. 

It was developed for the specific purpose of assessing domains of sexual functioning (e.g. sexual arousal, orgasm, satisfaction, pain) in clinical trials. 

It is not a measure of sexual experience, knowledge, attitudes, or interpersonal functioning in women. 

It was not designed for use as a diagnostic instrument and should not be used as a substitute for a complete sex history in clinical evaluation.

Brief questionnaire measure of sexual functioning
Oxytocin Assessment

This test has 20 questions aimed at identifying the main clinical symptoms of oxytocin deficiency or excess, including questions about empathy, sexual life, and interpersonal relationships. The test was developed by endocrinologist T. Hertoghe, a hereditary physician, and published in his book Passion, Sex, and Long Life - the Incredible Oxytocin Adventure.

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