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Penis enlargement by PowerFill injection

Time of procedure
60 min
Pain level
Pain level
after 2-3 months
from 175.000 RUB
Surgery video

Penis Enlargement with PowerFill
Penis enlargement with PowerFill is the most advanced method of minimally invasive penis enlargement with predictable and long-lasting results. 
Powerfill is a polylactic acid based gel that helps to replenish the volume of the soft tissues. The product helps to stimulate the growth of your own connective tissue.  

This treatment is used to
- Restore the normal anatomical structure of the penis body;
- Eliminate the dystrophy (loss of volume) of the penis body;
- Improve aesthetic attractiveness.

How the procedure works
After a local anaesthesia, a polylactic acid injected into the penis and distributed throughout the penis shaft. 

What is the rehabilitation process?
After the procedure, you will have to abstain from sex, sports and thermal treatments for one week. 

IMPORTANT. Immediately after the procedure, you will see the maximum volume (due to the "water for injection" contained in the drug, which serves as a solvent for it). However, after 3-5 days, the swelling and volume of the "water" in the drug will begin to decrease significantly, resulting in a reduction in penis circumference to 70% of the circumference immediately after the procedure.
Once the drug is released from its carrier gel and "precipitates" into the penile sheath tissue, the process of synthesising its own collagen begins. The process of collagenogenesis takes 42-75 days and its intensity depends on the individual characteristics of a patient, however, 90% of my previous injected patients show the result of +2 cm to the circumference of the non-erect penis after two vials of PowerFill.
The final result of the PowerFill penis enlargement procedure is visible after 3 months and remains up to 50% after 2 years. However, individual differences may occur.

How long does the effect of PowerFill penis enlargement last?
The effect of penis enlargement usually lasts up to two years. If for any reason (to add volume, to maintain symmetry) you wish to repeat the procedure, it is recommended that you do so no more often than once every 3 months, and no later than 12 months.