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Hyaluronic acid phalloplasty

Time of procedure
60-90 min
Pain level
Pain level
after 2-3 months
from 80 000 RUB
Surgery video

Penis enlargement by injection of hyaluronic acid fillers

An increase of the diameter of penis body by means of hyaluronic acid-based filler injection  is performed if the patient would like to fill the body of the penis and / or to eliminate the inborn changes in penis body but he has contraindications to lipofilling of the penis.

This procedure is performed for:

  • restoration of the normal anatomical structure of penis body
  • elimination of dystrophy (loss of volume) of penis body
  • improvement of aesthetic appeal

Procedure: increase of the diameter of the body of the penis by hyaluronic acid-based gel injection

Purpose: to eliminate congenital malformations and involution of penis body tissues

How it works: the injection of a hyaluronic acid-based fiber into the region of the body increases its volume

Important: the result may differ from what you imagine

Method: after preliminary consultation with photo bracing and determination of the required volume of drug, the introduction of a hyaluronic acid based hyaluronic acid with distribution throughout the body area of ​​the penis is made

Anesthesia: local / spinal / intravenous

After treatment: 30 days of sexual rest, up to 2 months without sports, swimming pool, thermal procedures

Lasts: it is recommended to repeat the procedure once in 12 months

Caution: the procedure should be performed by a specialist trained in intimate surgery