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Penis glans augmentation by fillers

Time of procedure
30-45 min
Pain level
Pain level
in about a month
from 65 000 RUB
Surgery video

Like other parts of human anatomy, the penis comes in many shapes and sizes.

Outside the state of erection, the size of the penis is from 7.5 to 12.5 cm in length and 7.5 cm in circumference, while during the erect condition, the penis reaches just over 13 cm in length and 11 cm in circumference .

Some men have an overly overestimated idea of ​​how large the penis should be and experience complex about their penis, even if their penis size is perfectly normal.

Almost 70% of men say they are not happy with the size of their penis, and about half want it to be larger.

Much of the concern for men about their penis is due to fears that they will not meet the expectations of their sexual partner.

Enlargement of the penis glans using hyaluronic acid fillers is a minimally invasive procedure that allows you to restore the volume of the glans penis on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia, with a minimum rehabilitation period.

This procedure is performed for:

  • restoration of the normal anatomical structure of the penis glans
  • eliminate dystrophy (volume loss) of the penis glans
  • decrease the sensitivity of the glans penis during its hypersensitivity
  • сorrection of the coronary sulcus and frenum of the penis in cases of hypospadias / epispadias / injury
  • enhance aesthetic appeal

PROCEDURE: enlargement of the glans penis using a hyaluronic acid filler

PURPOSE: to eliminate congenital malformations and involution of the tissues of the penis glans

HOW IT WORKS: injecting a viscoelastic gel of hyaluronic acid into the penile glans region acts as an expander, stretching the tissue of the penis glans and increasing its volume

IMPORTANT: the result may differ from what you imagine

METHOD: after preliminary consultation with photofixation and determination of the required volume of the drug, a submucosal injection of the filler is performed with distribution over the entire area of ​​the penis glans

ANESTHESIA: neural block / topical

REHABILITATION: 10 days of sexual rest, up to a month without thermal procedures

DURATION: it is recommended to repeat the procedure once every 8-12 months.

CAUTION: the procedure must be performed by a specialist trained in intimate surgery

Hyaluronic acid must be certified to work in the intimate area.