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Individual rehabilitation programs

Pain level
Pain level
Depends on the severity of the initial condition and individual features of the body
from 3 000 RUB

The post-injury and post-surgery rehabilitation program is based on advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, including bioimpedance analysis and functional MRI diagnostics.

You need this program if:

  • You have suffered a stroke, heart attack or severe musculoskeletal injury

PROCEDURE:Preparation of an individual program for neuro-, psycho- and metabolic rehabilitation after suffered diseases or injuries

GOAL: Restoration of adequate functioning of organs and systems of the body

HOW IT WORKS: a comprehensive examination is carried out with the determination of biochemical and hormonal profile. An individual plan is created to change the body metabolic activity (with the use of regenerative medicine methods)

IMPORTANT: the result may differ from what you imagine

METHODOLOGY: After prior consultation, the necessary questionnaires and documentation need to be filled in. After anthropometric measurement and bioimpedance examinations, an optimal date is assigned for the analyses. After passing the diagnostic stage, during the second consultation you receive an individual program and the necessary instructions for further interaction with the doctor.

This program includes the following methods:

  • The use of modern regenerative medicine techniques such as placental therapy, red bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell transplantation, adipose tissue stem cells, umbilical cord, and peripheral blood stem cells
  • The use of Botulinic toxin type A techniques for the elimination of hyperkinesis, spastic processes, and chronic pain syndrome
  • The use of physiotherapeutic and hardware complex for the correction of existing changes


- First consultation 3 000 RUB

- Further cost depends on the selected program